Ibiza Dreamin’.



I’m not too sure if this place is real life. The sunsets are stunning, the nightlife is ridiculous, the music is mesmerizing, and the vibes are über chill. There’s not too much else I can say because the experience is beyond words, one cannot simply tell you what it’s like — you’ve got to go live it for yourself. I’m pretty sure I knocked a bigger deficit into my dwindling sleep debt, but I would gladly trade sleep for Ibiza any day… Ok, maybe ask me in a couple months.


Life Is But A Dream.


Wait. What. For the past six days, I have been having the time of my life. With only 20 cumulative hours of sleep, I galavanted around this magical city, climbed its highest heights, explored its lowest lows, hiked its ancient ruins, and got lost in its modern streets. I have learned so much — this experience is already so much different from my other travels. I am learning about what I am seeing and appreciating its rich history. Though I only managed 3 hours of sleep a night, I somehow soaked it all in, the information and the art, and was able to experience Rome as a scholar by day and 20-year-old student by night.

Now I am in my pensione in Florence awaiting my first day of classes tomorrow. Life, truly, is but a dream. Ciao my darlings!