oh, london.



oh, london. always the inspirer, aren’t you? well after seeing the fantastic sights, i decided to chop off my locks! so there you have it. a cropped cut for the rest of my journeys. my mornings will hopefully be a little easier and my vibe a tad edgier.


from spokane to london.

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top, skirt, necklace//nordstrom rack | socks//gap | shoes, sweater//thrifted

in the length of 12 hours, i found myself transported from little ol’ spokane, washington to the bustling city of london. i was, and am still, in a strange state of disbelief. i’ve moved into my small ((note: VERY SMALL)) flat that’s a 1.5 mile commute to school. it’s cosy ((see what i did there?)) and modern and has its own kitchen, so i’m not complaining at all. along with my other interning cohorts, i’ve explored the surrounding area — both intentionally and unintentionally. hey, getting lost is a good thing… at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we find our footsteps clacking down unfamiliar cobblestoned streets. but eventually, as with most things in life, we are able to find our way again.

of course, in the two nights we’ve spent here, they have both ended in pubs. i mean, duh. and again, i am not complaining at all. the beer is good but expensive. except at this one bar on our partner college’s campus that sells some fantastic beer tax-free to us students. score.

as i tromp around the city, i can’t help but look at every garden and park and wish that i was sitting there reading a book or waltzing into every FREE museum around here and just staring for hours. but for now, there is so much to do! orientation, meetings, classes ((already!)), interviews, events… this first week is really jam-packed. which i think is a good thing because there’s no time to let jet-lag or homesickness or other negative thoughts to kick in. there’s only room for positive thinking up there! and i, for one, always need a little nudge in that direction.

i cannot wait for all the things that are still to come as four and a half months wait to unfold in front of me. but based on these first two days, i can’t imagine they’d be anything other than simply divine.

ciao ciao, loves.

xoxo mary.