it appears as though i’m back.

it’s may 28th and i came back may 15th. almost a fortnight has passed since i was in europe – prancing about london having the time of my life. but i’m back in spokane now and, while it was definitely an adjustment, i feel at home again.

believe it or not, i also was writing a column whilst i was studying and working in london. i’m going to use that as an excuse as to why i wasn’t posting on here… at all.

i do think that what i had to say weekly was reflective on the study abroad experience as a whole – i went through extreme highs and extreme lows which, in my discussions with other study abroaders, is a fairly normal emotional experience.

i’ll be posting those articles here over the next fourteen days along with a picture or two and hopefully you all can get a broader view of how i experienced living and working and traveling around the majestic city of london.

cheers darlings.



on my walk to work, the city at my feet.

on my walk to work, the city at my feet.


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