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mary: dress//nordstrom rack | socks//gap | shoes//thrifted

sara: dress//lulu*s | boots//nordstrom

for thanksgiving, i luckily got to trot down to palm springs, california. luckily because it’s currently 28 degrees in spokane right now and 70 degrees here. i choose here. thanksgiving was a merry affair full of cooking, laughing, and board game playing. we topped off the night by ushering in the holiday season and watching elf, a family favorite. needless to say, this vacation has been a much needed getaway from the frigid lands up north. ciao ciao dolls.











Paul McCartney. Vampire Weekend. Phoenix. The Tallest Man On Earth. And a great band of folks to hang out with. There are no words to describe this beautiful, beautiful thing that is Outside Lands.





Oh wow. I’ve just arrived back in the good ol’ USA after two months abroad — studying, traveling, exploring. I traveled around with my university group during the six weeks I was in school before I took off for three weeks of solo travel. That experience was indescribable. It gave me a sense of independence and a feeling of being on top of the world that I have never felt so distinctly. The people I met and the cultures that I experienced was invaluable and directly contributed to the wonderful experience that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life. Truly, this summer has been full of magic, sparkles, and dreams fulfilled. Ciao, ciao loves.

The City of Lights.



Paris, Paris… What a city. Filled with mystery and magic, walking the streets felt as though I was walking through a dream. We explored Versailles, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the streets, Notre Dame, Montmartre — it was mystical and exciting. Paris will forever have my heart and I must return many times in the future. Oh, and when we flew back in through Pisa, we checked out that tower for the first time — as you can see, I’m pulling a James Dean with my casual lean. Anywho, ciao for now, darlings!

Home Away From Home.



Florence, Florence. It’s strange to me how in just a month, a place that once seemed so foreign now feels like a home away from home. It probably has to do with my amazing pensione family and roommates, the welcoming nature of the city, and the endless maze of outdoor markets. As you can tell, I’ve spent many a night wandering and looking for a prime spot to perch, eat a take away pizza, pop open a bottle of wine, and chill with friends whilst watching one of these beautiful sunsets. A city with an electric daytime energy smoothly transitions to tranquil nights through these calming natural phenomenas. Ah yes, this is the life indeed.

The Amalfi Coast



Oh, the gorgeousness of this place! The Amalfi Coast was brilliant — we stayed in a trendy hostel on Sorrento and explored the coast eagerly in the three days we had there. We visited Positano, Capri, and Pompeii and leisurely enjoyed the beachy comforts of coastal life. I could go on and on about this beautiful place, but I’ll just let these pictures do the explaining for me. Ciao for now, darlings!

Budapest, Hungary.



Oh, Budapest. This city was majestic — rain and all. I was completely entranced. From the first moment I stepped off of the train and  onto the wrong bus to the very last when I hurried to catch my 7 am train, I was filled with an awe-filled love for Budapest. This trip was led by my school, and as such, we toured the city and learned a ton about the city from enthusiastic locals. We even got to take a Hungarian cooking class and make ourselves a six course meal that still ranks at the top of my European dining list. Budapest, you rock. I hope to visit many more times in my (hopefully) travel-filled future — ciao, darlings!

Ibiza Dreamin’.



I’m not too sure if this place is real life. The sunsets are stunning, the nightlife is ridiculous, the music is mesmerizing, and the vibes are über chill. There’s not too much else I can say because the experience is beyond words, one cannot simply tell you what it’s like — you’ve got to go live it for yourself. I’m pretty sure I knocked a bigger deficit into my dwindling sleep debt, but I would gladly trade sleep for Ibiza any day… Ok, maybe ask me in a couple months.

Life Is But A Dream.


Wait. What. For the past six days, I have been having the time of my life. With only 20 cumulative hours of sleep, I galavanted around this magical city, climbed its highest heights, explored its lowest lows, hiked its ancient ruins, and got lost in its modern streets. I have learned so much — this experience is already so much different from my other travels. I am learning about what I am seeing and appreciating its rich history. Though I only managed 3 hours of sleep a night, I somehow soaked it all in, the information and the art, and was able to experience Rome as a scholar by day and 20-year-old student by night.

Now I am in my pensione in Florence awaiting my first day of classes tomorrow. Life, truly, is but a dream. Ciao my darlings!